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Steel Mills Spare Parts
Angang, China - Complete Segment Assy. for CCM
Ma An Shan, China - Crusher, Grab Bucket
American Combustion Inc. - Slag Pot, Material Fetching Bucket
- Hot Stove, Hot Metal Ladle
- Crystallizer Copper Plate / Tube
- Segments Rolls
- Work Rolls, Back-up Rolls, Intermediate & Finishing Rolls
- Ladle Pre-heater
Topocrom GmbH - Continuous-Casting Copper Mould
Steel Mills & Foundries Consumable
Sensors and Probes S.r.l., Italy - Temperature Probes
- Oxygen Probes
- Samplers

Italterm, Brazil

- CE Cups
Diamant - Impregnation
- Deep and Surface Treatment
- Slideway Coatings for Dynamic Elements
- Maintenance, Protection and Coating
- Precision Adjustment Coatings

- Final Step for Steel Constructions
Henan Xibao Metallurgy Materials
Group Co. Ltd.
- CaSi Wire
- Synthetic Slag
- Continuous Casting Mold Powder
Steel Mills Refractory
Z&J (2003), Thailand - Ladle Refractory, Slide Plates,
  Shroud, etc..
- Ladle Refractory, Nozzles,
   Porous Plug, etc..
- Tundish refractory, Dam, Weir,
   Nozzle, etc..
- Slide Plate System (Flocon)
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